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Retirement Plan Services

Client Centered

Retirement Plan Design and Servicing

We offer comprehensive retirement plan services including but not limited to initial plan design, creating a fund lineup, holding employee enrollment sessions, review and design of your required Investment Policy Statement, monitoring Department of Labor and IRS law changes, and ongoing employee education seminars and advice including direct access to wealth advisors via phone or email.

As retirement plans generate a lot of documentation, and finding what you need quickly can be troublesome, we additionally offer access to a Fiduciary Vault, which is a centralized virtual location where you can access important plan information such as plan reviews, investment monitoring reports, benchmarking data, fee analysis and more.

Retirement Plan Stress Tests

Your retirement plan’s ultimate goal is to help your employees reach a state of retirement readiness. As a plan sponsor, you value your employees and want to see them face retirement with confidence, not concerns. Do you know how they’re doing?

Contact us to learn more about our complimentary Retirement Plan Stress Test to obtain a precise picture of your current plan’s overall health as compared to a carefully chosen group of your organization’s peers. We will let you know how your plan is doing and what steps might be necessary to improve your plan’s overall health.

Helping You Manage Your Retirement Plan Investment Responsibilities

Our advisors are equipped to efficiently gather the required data and provide the necessary investment oversight for your plan. Not only are they investment and retirement specialists, they have access to a myriad of resources that help them help you.

With a Fiduciary Monitoring System our advisors can quickly and easily assess your plan’s investments. This allows our wealth advisors to help you ensure the investment options meet the Investment Policy Statement objectives, document the analysis and any decision or actions arising from the reviews, and schedule formal reviews based on the timing appropriate for your plan.

Even more research is available to our advisors through our Investment Due Diligence solution, through which our advisors have access to the very latest research and analysis from Morningstar Financial, a premium resource for investment professionals.

Contact us today to inquire about any of the above service offerings.