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Our Investment Philosophy

We utilize a disciplined and transparent investment process focused on three critical factors that provide a diversified, risk managed, and client-focused strategy.


  • We utilize an in-depth discovery process to understand our client's values, goals and priorities.
  • Creating a road map to follow, we develop a customized strategy based upon where a client stands today, and where we strive to get them in the future.
  • We provide clear recommendations that provide options.


Benefit -
Structure and clarity towards your financial goals.


  • A team approach that allows for specialization and a tailored client-first focus.
  • A clear investment framework that is research based and risk managed, creating multiple strategies for our clients' stated goals & needs.
  • A culture of collaboration, working with comprehensive resources to proactively support our process.


Benefit -

Work with a Firm that acts as a steward for your family and wealth.


  • Ongoing monitoring and communication helps clients stay focused on goals while allowing us to adjust to market conditions when needed.
  • Active listening to our clients helps us prepare them for the uncertainties of life.
  • A team dedicated to continued education and learning.


Benefit -
Build a long-term working relationship.

Meet the Investment Committee

Chintan Shukla

Chintan Shukla, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Craig Pesce

Craig Pesce, CFP®

President - Director of Marshall & Sterling Wealth Advisors

Mike  Ryan

Michael A. Ryan, CFP®

Vice President - Wealth Manager

Tim Dean

Tim Dean

Investment Committee Member