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20 Sept
Getting Long-Term Care Planning Right: Smart Approaches for People at All Stages


The challenge: when it comes to planning a safe and secure retirement, long-term care remains a confusing and unaddressed challenge to many people's financial security.

At this workshop, you will learn:
  • Why aren’t people planning for this critical retirement challenge?
  • 9 reasons people have mistakenly overlooked LTC planning
  • The emotional and financial risks people face when they don’t have a LTC plan
  • Why long-term care is more than the popular image of a lonely person in a nursing home
  • The dramatic misunderstanding most people have about who will need LTC
  • Why Medicare or Medicaid probably isn’t going to pay for your long-term care
  • Why, even if you qualified for LTC under Medicaid, you might not get the care you need
  • The five settings for long-term care
  • Myth: Medicare will pay for LTC. Find out why this probably isn’t true for you
  • Why it’s understandable that people haven’t adopted a LTC plan in the past
  • Why original LTC insurance didn’t always work out well for all involved
  • How regulators have made key changes in LTC insurance over the last decades
  • 9 flexible approaches people should consider when creating their own LTC plan
  • 4 key ideas that explain why it makes sense to have a LTC plan

This webinar will be offered twice for convenience (each presentation will be the same, so you only need to choose one session). Click the links below to register:

Date and Time

Tue, Sep 20, 2022

3:00p - 4:00p PST


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