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Why Women Make Great Investors

| August 07, 2023

While I work with an array of clients, I absolutely love working with female investors. I have found that my female clients, whether wealth planning for themselves or together with a spouse, tend to have similar characteristics that make for a fantastic investor mindset.

  1. As women, we do our research. We investigate details, take our time with analysis, and assess opportunities on our own time. This is so important when it comes to making wealth management choices, as you want to understand exactly what your options are and feel comfortable with that choice.
  2. Long-term perspectives: Women tend to focus on the long-term picture and make choices today that they know will provide comfort and security for themselves and their family for years to come. This is a great investment mindset as it takes patience and consistency. Investing and financial planning are all about making choices today for a better tomorrow. Having that perspective from the get-go puts you a step in the right direction.
  3. Relationships are a must. Networks, connections, and friendships are important to have in the wealth management world too, and women get that. Often, I find the most personal things about someone's life are the driver of many wealth management decisions that person will have. So, it's essential (and truly one of my favorite parts of what I do) to really get to know someone and understand what means the most to them.
  4. Maybe not always at first, but as women get more comfortable with their investment choices, confidence in their choices ensues. This doesn't necessarily just mean confidence in the sense of taking more investment risk. I see confidence building in knowing they made the right choice, are on the right path, and are making wealth management moves to meet their goals.

Not all investors are alike, and the behaviors we have around our money are different among all of us.  If you have questions about your wealth management or would like a second opinion, please reach out.

Kelsey Ponesse, CPA
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Kelsey is a CPA and Wealth Planning Advisor with more than a decade of combined experience. Kelsey has extensive knowledge of and experience in the areas of financial planning and tax efficient investing. She helps her clients gain insight into their desired financial future, then works to craft a plan to help realize that vision.

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